Travel and transfer

1999 Mitre Avenue
San Isidro, Buenos Aires Province

Club +54 11 4732-0600 int 221-228
Contact person: +54 9 11 66196503

The organiser can arrange transport to and from the International airport for equipment, competitors and support personnel.

Competitors requiring this service shall advise the organiser of their flight details at least a week prior to the date of their arrival.

A) From the Airport to San Isidro:
• Ricchieri Highway up to General Paz Avenue (first exit after the Toll, be careful to take the exit that goes to the River Plate)
• General Paz Avenue up to Libertador Avenue (choose the exit that goes to the province)
• Libertador Avenue heading North. This avenue runs parallel to the coast, between 100 and 500 metres inland from the shore. A drive from General Paz Avenue to San Isidro can take 20 minutes (+60 minutes on a rush hour)

B) Once in San Isidro:
• Libertador Avenue becomes a one-way narrow cobblestoned street that ends in Primera Junta Street.
• Turn right and go down the winding street until it merges into Mitre. The entrance to the club is some 300m after the last turn to the left.